The range of products we ca manufacture, goes from furniture for personal HOUSES, HOTELS< RESTAURANTS, PUBs, WINE CELLARS and WINERIES. Some of our products:
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Built cabinets
  • Living room furniture
  • Tables and chairs
  • Offices and librairies
  • Bookcases and Offices furniture
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Furniture for Restaurnats, Hotels and Guesthouses
  • Coat Hangers
  • Wood Panneling
  • Doors for interior and exterior usage

How to place an order

  • How can you order furniture
  • How can you order doors
  • Client

    Make an inquiry containing:
    • names of specific furniture parts;
    • approximate dimensions;
    • images or sketches (made by designers or found on our site or other sources) that we can use as inspiration;
    • Style: classic, rustic, modern, simple or carved, etc.
    • any other details you might consider;

    Initial price offer, containing:
    • Prices for each item;
    • Timelines for deliveries;
    • The wood type used on the furniture(e.g. Oak, Lime tree, etc.)
    • Hardware accessories included in the price offer;
    • Suggestions and design proposals from our part.
  • Client

    • Price agreement, either by e-mail or phone.

    • If the price offer is agreed upon, the next step will involve clarifying all necessary aspects for finalizing the contract. If needed, we’ll make arrangements for taking measurements and making design suggestions at your location.

    • Designing and configuring the furniture in 3D CAD;

    • Preparing the contract and issuing the invoice. The final offer will contain the specifications for each product, delivery timing, warranties, etc.
  • Client

    • 40% down-payment.

    • Manufacturing, delivering and fititng the furniture.
  • Client

    • Paying the remaining invoice.
  • Client

    Send an inquiry, containing:
    • name and number of doors (e.g. 2 doors for the bathroom, etc.);
    • dimensions (length and height and wall thickness);
    • For the price offer, it’s Ok to use rough dimensions, however for the final contract we’ll need measurments taken by whoever will install the doors;
    • Type of door: you can take inspiration from our site or other sources;
    • if the door is plain or is having glass;
  • Client

    • Accepting our price offer;
  • Client

    • 40% down-payment.

    • Manufacturing the doors;
  • Client

    • Delivering the doors and receiving the remaining invoice.
Wood carving

All our wood carving work are hand made

Latest work:

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Frequent asked questions:

I saw some pieces of furniture in a magazine. Can you make it?

We can make any type of furniture or doors that can be made out of wood. We could also reproduce a specific product, or just start designing from an image and build something more suited to your needs.

What type of wood are you using?

Usually, we’re using Oak for the furniture and stairs, because of it’s inherited strength. Entrance and interior doors are usually made out of lime tree. Carved furniture is usually made out of sycamore or lime tree. However, if the client requires, we can use almost any kind of wood type.

Will the wood change it’s appearance over time?

People have an unjustified fear that the wood will change it’s psychical appearance over time, and deform, due to humidity. Yes, the wood will have small changes of size over time, however our products are made and assembled so they can allow small changes of size without having any influences on functionality or aspect.

The major difference between the solid wood and veneer or pressed wood furniture is resilience over time. Solid wood can be easily repaired after being damaged from scratching, chipping, etc. Also, solid wood will absorb humidity and slightly change it’s shape, it will however return to it’s original shape after drying. This is not the case for veneer or pressed wood, who will be permanently damaged by humidity.

I need a classical or rustic furniture, but with modern accessories. Can this be made?

Yes! Our custom made hardwood furniture can have 19’th century appearance and design, however it can be accessorized with the latest trends on the inside: metallic drawers, electric actuators or dampened doors.